Brick wall plaster

R.X. Brick wall plaster 90 is a Gypsum based plaster which is an advanced quality ready to use product suitable to internal plastering on Brick /Block/RCC walls and ceilings. This plaster is having extra ordinary features such as lighter, whiter and more flexibility on application.

Technical Specification:

ParameterPerformancesrx pop
Setting Time (min.)22-28
Density kg/m3680
Transverse Strength kg/cm2 22
Compressive Strength N/mm25
Coverage 13mm (kg/m2)11.5
Ingredients Gypsum+Vermiculite+Additive
Thermal Resistance (m2k/w/13mm) m2/k/w for 13mm 0.07

Tips to use :

  • Always mix powder to water not water to powder (1 part of water : 2 part of powder)
  • Background should be thoroughly brushed with broom to remove dust and mortar
  • Recommended to pre wet surface before application
  • The surface to be plastered, prepared with bull mark/level strip properly to maintain correct line level and right angle of the room
  • To fill the plaster paste through trowel and finally polish with a thin slurry coat to achieve smooth aesthetics surface
  • Fixing and Fittings of all kinds of services should be done before proceeding to plaster
  • The fixing of doors, windows and electrical boxes to be fitted such as the plastering cusion maintained maximum 5-6 mm from the wall surface
  • Maintained the overall thickness of plaster minimum to save space of room and cost part also
  • Beware of using dead material, for example, if the material gets set then remixing is not allowed, the waste material will not perform as fresh one
  • In case of R C C ceilings/walls Bond Strong an adhesive be applied before plastering which is essential to enhance bonding and safe plastering
  • This plaster compatible to any type of finish as painting/textured/tiling or decorate the surface

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