Plaster of Paris (POP)

R.X. Plaster of Paris consists of gypsum hemihydrates treated with high purity gypsum and additives to achieve strength, durability and extra coverage. This product is most suitable for application on internal plastering systems like punning of walls and ceilings, decorative designs like cornices, roses, molding, arches as well as in-situ false ceiling systems. Superior whiteness of this plaster assures aesthetics of interiors and our Micronics Grinding Method provides extra fineness, resulting in a flawlessly smooth finish that will exceed your expectations.
We guarantee consistency in terms of quality, setting period, coverage, purity and weight batch-after-batch.

Technical Specification:

ParameterPerformancesrx pop
Setting Time (min.)15-20
Density kg/m3800
Coverage in sq. ft./25 kg (8mm.) 30
Whiteness (%)80
Fineness (%)99
Manufacturing In House
ISO Certified
ISI (%)Certified

Why choose R.X.?

  • Extra whiteness makes it a perfect choice for making aesthetic designs
  • Advanced manufacturing technology and machinery
  • Better fineness due to Micronics Grinding method
  • High purity Gypsum for strength and durability
  • Consistency in quality
  • Superior coverage
  • Smooth finish
  • Economical
  • Crack free

rx pop